Chicken Meatballs

by on Feb 2nd, 2013 // Dinner, Recipes

I like to buy organic meat, but it seems that only Whole Foods Paycheck carries organic ground turkey meat.  I hate having to make an extra stop just to pick up turkey meat. (Lazy)  But, if I’m being honest, it’s not just the inconvenience… I can never get out of that store for less than 100 bucks.

I had been avoiding making meatballs all together until I recently happened upon organic ground chicken at my local supermarket. I snatched up a pack and brought it home thinking I’d try a little meatball improvisation.  Zip, zap, zop!  <——(That’s for you Mrs. N.)

We used my favorite method for making meatballs: using buttermilk soaked bread to make them moist, browning them in a skillet and then cooking them in sauce in the oven until they are fork tender. The good news: this method worked perfectly for chicken meatballs.  The kids went ga-ga for them. The not-so-good news: I stupidly left the balls cooling on the stove top and forgot about them ’til morning.  Bye bye left-over meatballs.  Such a cryin’ shame.  Read more after the jump…

Whole Wheat Honey Waffles

by on Jan 28th, 2013 // Breakfast, Healthy, Kid-tastic, Recipes

I recently went on a business trip to wine country in Santa Ynez.  I was gone for 3 days, and in typical working mom fashion, I felt the need to bring back a “guilt gift” for the kids.  Somehow wine didn’t feel appropriate so I got them a honey bear at a local specialty shop.

The kids were desperate to use the honey  so I came up with the genius idea of waffles.  Both kids wanted in on the action.

Immediately after this lovely shot, that entire measuring cup of liquid was spilled on the floor.  It was the ONLY milk I had in the house.  So I went out, bought fresh milk and we started over.  Made the entire batch and as I pulled the waffles off the iron I realized that I had forgotten to add the oil.

I tried to pass that batch off on my husband who after one bite said “Wow!  This packing material tastes amazing.” Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!  Third time’s a charm.

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Tart

by on Aug 7th, 2012 // Desserts

Have you ever had the pleasure of eating a Pizookie?  It’s served at a restaurant chain called BJ’s.  It’s basically a freshly baked, hot out of the oven, rich and delicious cookie topped with two scoops of vanilla bean ice cream and served in its own deep dish.  It is sinfully, amazingly, beyond good.  Like, worth 10 extra trips to the gym good.

That concoction was totally my sin-spiration for this bit of goodness that the kids and I whipped up before heading over to the Nejuarh’s house for a swim play-date.  I figured we would earn the right to eat all these calories.

I tried with all my might to make it like 5% healthier than I imagine the real deal to be.  I threw in some whole wheat flour, used less butter than usual and cut the slices thin.

But let’s face it, this ain’t diet food.  It’s just deliciousness.  And it has earned me a place in the hearts of all the young swimmers in attendance at the party.  Tastes just as good straight up as it does with ice cream and hot sauce.  Just sayin’.

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Grilled Peach & Brown Sugar Oatmeal

by on Aug 1st, 2012 // Breakfast

My dear friend Jackie who moved to Hotlanta a few years back, posted this on Facebook the other day:

I’m in a serious cooking funk these days. So hard to get up the energy when it’s 95+ degrees out! What are you all cooking these days? (I mean other than fried eggs on sidewalks.)

I replied: grill, grill, grill.  Which is what I do when it’s toooo hot.  But then I realized that I’d never made a single breakfast on the grill.

The next morning, I woke up to 2 ripe peaches just begging to be used up before they went south.  So, I sliced the peaches into rings, put a pot of water up for oatmeal and fired up the grill.

I sprayed the peaches, grilled ’em and when everything was done, I set up a make-your-own oatmeal bar.  The grilled peaches gave the oatmeal a sort of smokey flavor and made for a wonderful breakfast treat!!  Now I’m dying for more grill-able breakfast ideas.  Got any to share?

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Browned Butter Banana Bread

by on Jul 24th, 2012 // Desserts

After a quick trip out of town, we returned home to 5 squishy bananas, two mealy peaches and nice little swarm of fruit flies having themselves a feast. Oooops!

I suggested freezing the bananas and making a smoothie in the morning, but the kids had other plans.  While I was unpacking, my son put himself, and the baby in aprons and started smashing away at 4 bananas.

We made a double recipe of banana bread using Mom’s Recipe and enjoyed some fresh baked slices after dinner.  A day and a half later the bread was already getting stale and I simply didn’t have the heart to trash it.

So I sliced it up in thick pieces, browned some butter in a cast iron pan and fried ’em up. I can absolutely confirm that it is the best cure ever for stale banana bread.

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